What Our Clients' Say

Yes, it is expensive. However, the service is great and they must use some kind of voodoo which allows them to get any stain out of anything. Well, anything which is cotton or wool. This is my go-to dry cleaner for cleaning my suits, sweaters, and any other clothing item I really like. Also, as implied above, I take all clothing items with difficult and/or jeopardizing stains.

Dave F, Austin, TX

It's the own dry cleaners in town that I feel actually gives a damn about their jobs. They are efficient and our clothes always turn out perfectly. We've been going there for years now and they've never lost anything and I've never felt cheated in any way. The downside---this place is expensive. If you're just bringing in some stuff you don't really care about (like my inexpensive skirts) don't bother. If its something you're particular about...bring it here!

Lisa P, Austin, TX